Terms of return & exchange

Dear Customer!

If for any reason you have decided to return the item you have purchased, you can exchange it for a similar product. If the product does not fit your size or you don’t like the shape, style or color, you can exchange it within 7 days from the moment of receiving the item. In this case, the following conditions must be:


- You did not use the purchased item;

- The product has retained new condition, it has licensing marks and factory labels on it;


If the purchased item has a defect, you have the right to exchange it within a week from the date of purchase.


Please note, the law says about the exchange of goods, and not a refund. The refund is possible only if a similar product (but suitable for you in shape, size, style, a coloring, size or specification) is not available.


Due to the nature of remote method of sale in the online store, the replacement of the item can be made only in case of return of the item. Items that were purchased with discounts are not subject to return or replacement.


Attention! At refusal of the item, if it is part of the set, return is made only as complete set.


Received item must correspond to its description on the website.


The difference in the elements of design or items decor and / or packaging from the one presented in the description on the website does not constitute a defect and shall not be considered as a reason for product exchange or refund.


Under the law, the seller is obliged to accept the item of inadequate quality from the Buyer and, if necessary, to verify the item’s quality.


Seller reserves the right to send goods to the examination. Period of 10 (ten) days does not include the time to perform examination of the item. In case the seller decides to perform the expertise, time for consideration of claim increases proportionally the term of the examination.


- In case if a result of examination of the goods proves that its flaws have arisen through the fault of the Buyer, the law provides for the obligation of the Buyer to recover the costs associated with the carrying out the examination.


- Please note that the purchaser must perform delivery of the item to the vendor and and back to the purchaser.


Your claim will be reviewed within five (5) business days of receipt. We will try to find the best solution for you.


In case if the Buyer refuses the purchased item, the cost of items shipping from the Buyer to the Seller is not returned to the Buyer.

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