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Jacket Bosco. Comfort and practicality

There are many types of jackets, ranging from sports to special down jacket, which may be taken on to the expedition to the North.

Jackets and "Quilted" – is men's winter jacket with waterproof uppers, lining and a layer of insulation between them. The cost of the jacket depends on the type of insulation: fluff - expensive model, sintepon - budget. These jackets are very light and warm.

So how do we choose the robe, then it should not fit tightly to the body. Models can be fitted, but not fitting! The size of the jacket could be determined in the following way. If you wear the jacket all the time, then buy a jacket one size larger. In these clothes you will feel yourself comfortable to move, it will not push in the neck and shoulders. The shoulder seam should fall slightly below the edge of the shoulder, so visually jacket will look better and create a beautiful silhouette. If you are not sure, yet, we can help determine the size. Here you can find the calculator assisting you to choose the right size: http://boscosport888.eu/ru/component/content/article?id=4

Bosco jacket consists of a material, which holds the air and adjusts the thermal environment around the body. This technology provides warming by reducing the points of contact with the body, so air is warmed by the body to move freely along the surface of the skin, while keeping the heat and allow it to breathe. Additionally, microfiber helps removing moisture from the skin to the outer surface of the tissue, where it quickly evaporates. The technology used in the collections of casual clothes this season, including: warm jacket boscosport.

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