Items delivery

Delivery is performed worldwide. Delivery time is dependent on the customer location and selected method of payment.

Delivery is performed using «Latvijas Pasts» postal services. Delivery costs are covered by the customers and are added to the cost of ordered goods during the checkout process. You can calculate the total cost of order and delivery cost using the calculator located in the cart.


Delivery timelines:

  • 1 week - to European countries,
  • 2 - 2,5 - weeks to Russia,
  • up to 4 weeks to other countries (for example, delivery of parcel to Uruguay takes 4 weeks, delivery to USA or Mexico - around 3-4 weeks).

Delivery time is not guaranteed and totally depends on the postal services operator.


Items are shipped after the transfer has happened. Boscosport888 employee informs customer by e-mail that his money have been received at bank account. If received transfer arrives before 13:00, item will be sent till 21:00 of the next day. If ordered item is absent at stock at the moment customer is informed in 2 days.

If item has not been delivered properly to customer, it is returned back to Boscosport888 stock where it is stored during 14 days. If repeated delivery is not negotiated during this time, order is considered to be cancelled.


If you have any questions about delivery, don't hesitate to ask.


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